Albion Online killbot for Discord
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A discord bot for Albion Online’s killboard

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.



  • !ping - replies with @user pong
  • !kbclear - delets all messages in the config.botChannel
  • !kbinfo - displays the killboard post for a specific kill to the current channel



  • Install Node JS on the machine that will run the bot
  • Execute ‘npm install’ in the directory to download the dependencies
  • Create a new Discord Application
  • Copy config.json.example --> config.json
  • Add the ‘APP BOT USER’ token as ‘token’ in ‘config.json’
  • Enable developer mode in Discord (Settings -> Appearance)
  • Right click the channel you wish to use as the kill board, and Copy ID
  • Set ID as ‘botChannel’
  • OPTIONAL: Set User IDs for admin accounts

  • To add the bot to your server: Visit{YOUR CLIENT ID} Example:

* to only display Guild kills and not alliance, set allianceName to something that cannot exist i.e

Example: config.json

	"cmdPrefix": "!",
	"allianceName": "<NONE>",
	"guildName": "8-bit",
	"username": "AO-Killbot",
	"admins": [
	"botChannel": "445822300890946337",
	"playingGame": "Albion Killboard Bot",
	"token": "zMznafHXfbgaD3k0.hYN.CDTzsMHXz_35MNMiGyLOT-8EoQotgEs10iZAa7"

Built With

  • Discord.js - Discordapp library for Node.js and browsers.
  • Request - Simplified HTTP client